Thursday, September 9, 2010

SNAKE in suburbia!

Not quite on a plane, but still as shocking!

Taking the garbage bins to the kerb yesterday afternoon, I saw the long grass moving wildly from where we just moved the bins from.

Is it a worm? Have I finally lost my mind and am now hallucinating? No it actually was a snake! Albeit a small one, definitely a baby, no maybe more than that, a toddler snake?!

It was about 30cm long which is long enough for me to have a freak out and do that little dance when you think it will run over your feet (I wasn't wearing shoes!) and scream to my boy to 'do something with it!'

So my macho (hmm little exaggerated as he also did the little dance and he was wearing shoes!) man came over to investigate after telling me it must be a worm.

By this stage it had freaked out enough by seeing us and was looking for an easy escape. It had started down a crack in the concrete. Lyndon very hesitantly grabbed its tail to pull it back out of the hole. We hadn't thought about what we would do when it came out of the hole, probably throw it wildly in the air would be my guess, but it didn't come to that because ..... IT'S TAIL CAME OFF! Like how a lizard sometimes loses it's tail. Yes that's right we dismembered the snake.

Well the screams were almost deafening, very much like you hear at a 5 year olds birthday party. Yes and that high-pitched too! Lyndon wildly threw the snake tail and it landed in the garage and continued to wiggle. It was quite surrealy to see it keep wriggling like that when the snake was still in the hole.

We reasoned with each other that it could grow it back like a lizards and continued in our quest to put this potential monster back into the wild (if we could actually get to that point), so Lyndon once again grabbed hold of the now stumpy and bleeding end of the tail and started bringing it out backwards. Oh my god, I can't even write this.........ANOTHER PIECE OF ITS BODY BROKE OFF!

So that was it, we knew we had killed the snake by ripping it apart. We looked from the bloody snake pieces to each other in disbelief and realisation at what we had done to this poor creature at the beginning of its snake life. The pain we inflicted on it. Oh my goodness, my heart wretched like I'd seen a human die in front of my eyes. It was the most horrible feeling.

We both walked off in different directions and in silence still shocked and disturbed at what had happened. I started silently weeding my gardens and Lyndon went into the garage to work on his bikes.

So I'm officially apologising to Mr Toddler Snake for contributing to his death. I didn't think the snake would kill me but I still had to have it gone, and look at the consequences of that. Oh and I'm sorry to Mama Snake who I hope won't hold a grudge against me and come looking for me while I sleep.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My life for the next month....

This will be my life for the next month....

The 25th September is a LONG way away and I will be working my butt off the whole time. I have looked at my calendar and so far do not have 1 day off the whole month! Lucky I love it!

If you live in or around Brissie, come check out some fabulous events, that we have been working tirelessly on for months

So.... that means I will be a little absent here for a while. Don't worry I manage to sneak in a little time every few days to check out everyone else's blogs, but will only posting intermittently myself.

Have a lovely September!

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