Friday, February 11, 2011

The MOST amazing week of my LIFE!

That's a big call I know!

But if you've been to the Woodford Folk Festival, north of Brisbane, you'd understand instantly what I mean. 

Here are some snapshots from that most heart-warming and life-affirming week

I can't believe I haven't been there before! It's only an hour away from my house.

Mind you, it was one of the wettest festivals they have had in their long history, thank goodness for Ivan our campervan for keeping our dry!

Have you been? What are your experiences? Do you have any festivals that you go to every year?

I will certainly be going again!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Making a framed silhouette

Recently I spoke about all the gifts I made for family and friends for christmas. 

The silhouette prints would be one of my favourites just because of our simple they were and look quite effective.

I wanted to take you through the steps to make these if you wanted to. I've seen people who have used a side portrait of their children through the years which would be a sweet little keepsake.

Like I said in a previous post, I came up with this idea when I spotted felt with adhesive backing at Spotlight in their bargain bin. I think I got this for around $1.

It was a bit manky on the edges but was plenty enough to do the silhouettes I wanted to do. I have since seen it for around $5/metre all nicely rolled too, which is still really cost effective. 

First step is to find a picture you want to make as the silhouette. I went online and used google images to find mine, but you could use the outline of photographs, or images in books or magazines, anything really. Just make sure you do it mirror image to the way you want the image to be shown in the frame (I learnt that the hard way!), especially if you are using letters or numbers!

This is one of the images I found online and thought it would be perfect for a new little babies room. 

Roughly cut out the image on paper, it doesn't have to be perfect at this stage because you will have to cut again when it is on the fabric. 

I found sticky taping the image to the adhesive cover made it sturdy enough to cut around. 

Once cut out you can see why you had to use a mirror image of the picture

Then here comes the easy part! Simple cut out the amount of background fabric that will fill the frame and stick on your silhouette! Make sure it is in the centre and sitting straight, but being adhesive you can pull off and reapply if need be. 

Then it's just a matter of putting it all together in the frame. I painted my frame black so that the silhouette would stand out. 

All done! How easy was that hey!

If you've made anything similar please share your links, there are so many possibilities that you could come up with!

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