Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spring sewing

There's nothing like a beautiful spring Brisbane day to start some sewing again. 

For some reason I seem to go into hibernation mode during winter (even though our winters a very mild!) and not get a lot done; I blame the short days!

I started off nice and slow by mending some clothes; sewing on buttons and redoing hems in thrifted vintage skirts. I then completed  little project I've been meaning to do for a while; a plastic bag holder. 

I needed something that was quick, easy and satisfying, oh and I was keen to use this cute fat quarter I picked up earlier in the year!

Now we have somewhere with than the back of the cupboard to put those pesky plastic bags, and as you can see by how full the bag is we had ALOT!

Now to stop collecting them......

I then started working on my christmas gift list. Early I know, but I am a planner at heart and thoroughly enjoy surfing blogs and websites for great sewn gift ideas. I have added plenty of links to my bookmarks!

You can see some of my homemade gifts from last Christmas in this post

I've discovered the world of fabric covered buttons and using these to make accessories. And then I found yoyo necklaces USING the fabric buttons. Oh Etsy you are amazing! Check out some Etsy inspiration here and here

Sooo... I started experimenting with making my own fabric buttons

I think I like the plainer patterned ones better. I guess it would probably help if I got the flowers in the middle of the button!

Have you started your gift list yet, or is that just me! 

Hope you had a great weekend

xx Kim

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