Sunday, June 27, 2010

First post

Well this is a bit daunting!

I've been reading blogs for a few months now, well obesessing over them really! They are so addictive. And it's even better when you can relate to them, if the bloggers are from the same area as you (well just seeing someone from Australia gives me a thrill!), with the same interests. I find blogs so interesting! I have learnt so much in the past month about sewing, baking, canning, soap making, vegetable growing and homesteading, that I have become even more excited to be on this journey to simpler living. I thought it would be so much more difficult. Granted, I have a LONG way to go, but I am feeling a lot more confident with the help I have received from everyone in blogging land.

So all of this has motivated me to start my own blog, and looking at a blog with no posts is a little bit scary as I said, but hey I've already written a paragraph! Hehe. My blog will be a place where I will detail my triumphs, failures (expect a lot of these in the first few months!), discoveries and thoughts as I teach myself the basics that a lot of people of my generation have never learnt, but all of our grandmothers had to know to survive. The lost arts I guess. 

So what's my story now, at the beginning of my blogging adventure? Where does this all begin? Well at present I live in a tiny 2 bedroom unit with my fiance, Lyndon. We live in Brisbane. Far enough from the city that's its a hassle to get to work everyday, but close enough that the traffic wakes you up sometimes and we have no yard. I work in a 9-5 job in the city. I am determined to start living simply now and not just put it into some far off dream that I will do "..when we move to the country" or  "...when we have paid off our debts." So in my posts I will I will talk about those changes that we are making now, that are enabling us to live more deliberately and enjoy the present moments, while still working towards those end goals. 

I will leave those goals for another post. I just wanted to open this blog with a bit about myself and where I am at now so I have a starting point to work forward from.

Phew! That wasn't so hard!

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  1. Hi kimberley,
    What a nice blog you have started. I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey to the 'simple' life. I hope you enjoy the ups and downs along the way.


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