Friday, March 18, 2011

My beautiful nephew

Meet my little nephew, Patrick Isaac

Those eyes get me every time!

It's so beautiful watching this little life get used to the surroundings around him. Trying to take this crazy world in.

I am absolutely loving spending time watching little Patrick get bigger and brighter. Even if it's just a few weeks between visits his little personality is becoming more and more apparent each time.

I get to spend this whole weekend getting cuddles! SO EXCITED!

It's really getting Lyndon and I thinking more and more about having our own little family, especially since I celebrated my 27th birthday on Monday; time is ticking!

Oh what a whole new world of blogs and information to keep me busy!

Have a great weekend



  1. thousands of years of evolution are made the baby irresistible to adults. They just seem to look right into you and they are endlessly fascinating...even if they are just laying there asleep!

  2. wow nephews are amazing


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