Thursday, October 28, 2010

I love Brisbane!

After our weekend jaunt to Melbourne a few weekends ago I have a renewed LOVE for my hometown of Brisbane.

Melbourne Prahram Markets - rainy, windy and wet!

Park near Queen Vic Markets in Melb - yep he's wearing a poncho!

Quirky Melbourne laneways

No it isn't, is it? Yes SUN on our last day!

I love:
  • the almost constant sunshine
  • the occasional summer thunderstorm (we just had one as I started writing this post)
  • not having to wear thermals in Spring, or winter for that matter (like we did in Melbourne!)
  • being able to grow most of my vegies ALL year round
  • being able to wear summer dresses and sandels to work
  • not having to carry an umbrella wherever I go
  • enjoying the rain when it does come, not cursing it because it never goes away
  • being able to plan picnic's, day trips and outings with most of them not being interrupted by rain/wind/terrible weather
  • getting a tan!
  • being able to use public transport without getting drenched
  • enjoying the cool waters of the beach
What do you enjoy about where you live?

P.S. I thought Melbourne was beautiful, the weather was just a bit of a bummer

1 comment:

  1. I love Melbourne's is exciting. You did pick a particularly crummy weekend to visit didn't you? I do, however, wish I had your year round vegetable growing weather.


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