Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Need your advice

We have these little ant mounds all over our neighbourhood and, more annoyingly, all through our yard.

Do you know how we can get deter them?


  1. I've had some success with borax. Sprinkle it around the mounds. The hope is that they'll carry it down into the colony and eat it. Good luck!

    Stephanie :)

  2. My husband the organic farmer says that the ants are there for a reason and its a symptom of the bigger picture. The soil could be out of balance, maybe. Check what else is going on too.

  3. Does make sensse Kate, thanks for leaving me a comment. I will try to sus out what could encourage them like this. They'are all over the nighbourhood so it's a pretty widespread problem!

    I may also try to Borax, thanks Stephanie!

  4. Vinegar works, just pour it on the mounds - plain cheap malt vinegar.



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