Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet the girls!

Sookie (yup True Blood fans)


Meet the newest members of our family! They look kinda evil in those pictures don't they haha

We are one step closer to our country, homesteading life we dream for. 

The girls came from my mum's flock and are slowly getting used to being suburban backyard chickens (as opposed to 40 acre farm chickens). 

We've had the girls for a little while and so far have only had very little eggs without any yolks (apparently called 'fart' eggs, yep really, Google it!) and we think we know why. The Doberman (!) that lives next door has apparently been jumping out of her yard, into ours and into the chicken run to 'play' with our girls! Yes I mean one of those huge, angry looking, could-eat-a-chicken-in-a-second dogs. But no harm has been done, it really appears like she has only wanted to play with them, the poor thing she is so bored during the day, but I think it might be a bit scary for our girls to have this intruder trying to play with them and I think that's why they're off the lay. We've spoken to the neighbour and we've both ramped up our fencing and so far we've had no more visits so hopefully we'll be getting some free-range, home-grown eggs soon!

My herb patch became their have hangout for a while until I discovered I was down to about half of my original herbs, just from all their scratching around, so they've been evicted from that area! Now they like to have their dust baths down the back amongst the pumpkin vines which is fine with me. 

The best part of my day is when I get home from work and they come running for me when they see me, such a welcome home! I know they're only after some tasty veggie scraps but gives me a fuzzy feeling all the same. I love watching their antics as the scuttle around the yard looking for bits and pieces to nibble on. Just the entertainment value is worth having chickens for (although eggs would be a great bonus too girls!)

Hope you're having a great week!

:) Kim


  1. I have 3 hens. An over-friendly dog would terrify them. A Doberman terrifies ME. I, too, love them running eagerly to me, even though I know it is for the food. Actually, Fancy hopped into the swing where I was lying. She sat down, touching me, then relaxed and leaned hard against me like a cat would. She talks to me all the time. If I get on the cell, she jumps up with me and gabs away. You know how kids are aware of you and want your attention when you are one the phone? That's Fancy!

  2. I have a good friend who lives at Bribie, right on the water across a bridge from the mainland.


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