Friday, July 16, 2010

Garden Update

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't grow your own vegies while living in a unit. Check out how my balcony gardening is going.

Cherry tomato's about to pop! This plant has gone crazy and grown about 60cm in the past month (is that normal?!). There are so many baby tomato's coming up like these, can't wait for my first harvest!

2 lemons coming up on the dwarf lemon tree. We nearly lost this tree due to aphids and ants (!) but it's bounced back after some yumming organic pesticide and worm wee!

Hehe do you see the little fella down the bottom of the pot, that's my garden worm! A friend (who is also a keen gardener; we share our produce at work!) went to the Nambour Garden Expo last weekend and bought me a little present for my garden! So Harris (that's his name) sits in my Moreton Bay Fig pot and greets me every time I come up the stairs, very cute!

Even though I live in a unit and have no yard to myself, I have stolen a small piece of the common land that the 5 units in my block share, for a compost bin. This little patch of grass faces only our unit so if it does get a little smelly, it shouldn't annoy the neighbours too much.

In addition to the plants pictured, I have a strawberry plant and lettuce in hanging baskets, basil, bush tomato and a lime tree potted on my balconies and I'm hoping to harvest quite a bit in the coming months so keep an eye out for more pictures.

And just to keep the pictures going I have some gorgeous pictures of trees (I love trees!) that my partners mum emailed through to us recently.


Picnic anyone?

This is what my Moreton Bay Fig tree will look like about 30 years after I plant it out of the pot on my balcony! That's why I currently call it a bonsai!


  1. Hi Kim
    Just stumbled on to your blog. Sounds like its all happening on your balcony!!!
    Those tree pics are brilliant. Where are the photos taken. The first two are my faves. I love tree tunnels :)

  2. Hi Tan, thanks for dropping by!

    Sorry I'm not sure where the photos were taken, it's probably just a collection from the net. I too love the tree tunnels!


  3. Hey there! Thanksfor stopping by my blog and taking the tiem to say hi! You have an inspiring space here :) I love that your growing tomatoes on your balcony, I never thought of that when I lived in apartments, wish I had!

  4. Hi Nicole

    Thanks for popping over to my space also.

    The tomatoes are going very well on the balcony and I'm finding it quite easy keeping up the extra watering and fertilising to the container plants. I'm just running out of stairs to put my plants on, may have to use the neighbours roof soon!


  5. Those pictures are amazing!


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