Thursday, July 8, 2010


Stop watching television, now. Just do it as an experiment. Give yourself a week of no TV and see how your life changes.

I think this was my first step to living more simply that had a huge difference on my life. It lead me to talk more to partner, give myself more 'me' time, have time to learn how to crochet, read books (about everything!), rediscover the joy of baking, get enough sleep, use less electricity, relax more, appreciate silence, learn new board games, have time to write a blog! The list goes on, but you can see where I'm going can't you?

My partner and I stopped watching TV about 6 months ago and really re-connected with ourselves and each other. We then fell back into the trap of coming home from work and turning on the box, unsurprisingly we started to drift apart from each other a little during this time. About a month ago we once ago went back to either having music on in the background in the evenings, or just silence, and we have really reconnected again because we've had to talk to each other again. And I'm not just talking about "How was your day honey?", "Yeah my day was crap as well", etc talk. You will have those converstions in the first few days of not having the TV to distract you because it takes a bit to recreate that connection with your partner where you talk about the deep, deep stuff that you just can't in the ad break of a sitcom.

I've also felt that I have re-connected with myself more as well. The down-time we have in the evenings really allows for more personal reflection on where we are in life, where we want to be and how we are feeling about it all. I also feel much more rested because my mind has quietened and hasn't had the stimulation that TV forces on it. And I love that I have found a few more hours in my day where I can actually be productive - even if that is sitting in bed crocheting, cup of tea by the bedside, bliss!

So just try it, like I said, as an experiment. I would love to hear your experiences!



  1. Its funny how intrusive it is in your life isn't it? My husband and I haven't watched TV (except for the occasional DVD) for probably 4 years now. When I am visiting other peoples places where its always blaring in the back ground, I have a constant feeling of unrest and irritatin. Not to mention my disgust at the drivel some news shows present as 'news' It really creates a space of sanctuary in your house without it on. -and how fast do you learn to live without it? Its great.

  2. I have been thinking about doing this for a while now. Last night the TV didn't even go on, instead I listened to ABC radio and became aware that there is more interesting stuff on there than on the telly. Will be doing the same tonight.

    Most of the time in our house, the tv is on, but no one is watching it, so why?

    Here's to no TV....I do have a couple of programs that I enjoy but can watch the replays of them on the computer anyway, that's if I feel the need.


  3. I think I would be fine without TV. But depriving my children of Sesame Street is another issue entirely!

  4. Thanks for your comments, its great to hear everyone's opinions on my topics.

    Bianca - it is such an amazing change isn't it, that you couldn't understand until you turned of the box. I've found it so easy to continue not watching TV, there's so much more I'm doing with my time these days!

    Tania - I think in a lot of households its just routine where people come home from work and turn the TV straight without really thinking about why, funny isn't it!? It'd be great to hear how you feel about TV after a few days of not watching it, keep us updated!

    Steph - Haha i'm sure the kids wouldn't be so accepting of having no TV! And it probably helps you to have some time to yourself while they're watching it too.


  5. You've insired me to turn off the TV for a whole week which I've never done before. I have to say--after the kids are in bed, I am actually getting stuff done instead of wasting the whole evening watching mindless, useless TV programs. Thanks!

  6. Ah thats great news! I'm so glad it worked out well for you (I was kinda worried it might actually have the opposite effect on someone, and their life just went haywire!)


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