Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Visit to the country

This past weekend we spent a lovely weekend visit my fiance's parents up at Pomona, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The whole weekend was overcast and slightly rainy, which was just lovely.

After the hour and a half drive from the smoggy, busy city after work, luckily only stuck in coast-bound traffic for a little while, we made it to the quiet ands serene countryside. We met up with the parents-in-law at the Cooroy RSL for dinner. It took me back to when I was growing up and we would join the locals at the local country pub for dinnner each weekend.  Surprisingly the music was really LOUD! It was a 50's band playing the ol' faves, but it was just too damn loud, very unexpected for the patronage at the RSL!

One of the best parts of visiting Lyndon's parents is the guest bed, it's the comfiest bed we've ever slept in! And we take full advantage of it, usually sleeping in until 8 or 9 in the morning!

On the Saturday we ventured out to the Eumundi Markets. These markets are so full of produce, craft, baking, furniture, buskers, hippies, you name it! and its set up in such a way that it's VERY easy to get yourself lost and walking past the same stalls over and over again! I became quite friendly with a few stallies!

I restrained myself and didn't end up buying anything from the markets, except for a yummy lentil and vegetable roll. I'm surprising myself with how well I'm going with not spending money willy-nilly!

After the markets we met up with Lyndon's godmother who he hadn't seen in over 10 years. What a breathe of fresh air she was! She's just written an autobiography and is described by her publishers as a "passionate gypsy wanderer"! Check out her bio and book here. If you get a chance grab a copy of her book and have a read, you will not regret it. It's a great story about the adventures she has had all over Australia. We were speaking to her about our plans for the future and she was so motivating in her encouragement of it all. She's convinced us to live in a shed when we get our property to get a feel for the land first! Sounds perfect to me!

We then popped into the local nursery which was very cute! It's set up like a little cottage garden. Again no purchases, just some lovely scenery.

After this very eventful day we headed back to 'The Farm' as we affectionately call it, and decided to take a walk up to the lookout. The property backs onto the Noosa Trail Network which is a bunch of hinterland trails through some great countryside. We didn't go too far to get this great view of the sunset over Pinbarren mountain:

On the Sunday, we spent the first part of the day walking around the property checking out the new work that Lyndon's parents have had done to it. A lot of new work! It's an extremely hilly 10acres so it was quite a workout. We then lit a burn pile but it didn't last long because of the rain.

Just before lunch we headed out to the famous "King of the Mountain" festival in Pomona. It's a yearly event where competitors run up the 4.5km, almost vertical Mt Cooroora, then back down again. Crazy if you ask me, but the festivities that take place in Pomona on the day where lots of fun.

Then we headed back to Brissie. Sigh.

How was your weekends?

:) Kim


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Its beautiful country up there isn't it? My husband and I hope to be able to buy some land up there in a few years.

    Eumundi is one of my fav places to go - Jo's waterhole is 'da bomb' -there is a hare krishna cafe tucked in one of the side alleys behind the shops that lead to the second part of the markets that is great. The glasshouse mountains and pine plantations on the way home are beautiful. We live in a pretty awesome part of the world I think ;)


  2. Agree 100%
    We've been online looking at land for sale int hat area and dreaming ever since we got back!

  3. Melinda says
    Hi there just wondering what you are going to do for work when you live on your land or will you commute to Brisbane and also just wondering what the title and author of the book your fiances' godmother wrote as sounds like my sort of book. Just found your post via several others but think was looking at Rhonda Jeans and just branched off from there

  4. Hi Melinda

    Thanks for dropping by! I have found so many great blogs just by drifting from one to another, sometimes I don't even realise I've been online for a few hours!
    Check out this post about how I plan to be able to afford to live on property http://pathtolivingsimply.blogspot.com/2010/06/beginning-of-my-list-of-goals.html

    The book I was talking about is Robyn Catchlove's "Somewhere Down a Crazy River" here's the link to the website http://www.panmacmillan.com.au/display_author.asp?Author=Catchlove,%20Robyn

    It's great to hear from you!


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