Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Books: the frugal way!

This is my ever growing list of books on hold at the local library:

Steen, Bill.
Alexander, Stephanie,
Woodward, Penny.
Green, James, 1940-
Fallon, Sally.
Soule, Amanda Blake.
Soule, Amanda Blake.
Brocket, Jane.
Seymour, John
Langman, Adrienne.


What a treasure trove! Cost to place a hold and have the book delivered to your choice of library within the Brisbane area is 80cents. Not bad! 

I can't wait until I receive that email in my inbox to say they are ready to pick up! Some will take longer than others, for Amanda's (aka Soulemama) 'Homemade Home' I am 7th in the queue so could be a long wait, but all of the others I am the next in line so should receive that email to say they are ready in the next few weeks. 

Oh how very frugal!




  1. You're going to want to buy Amanda Soule's books....I'm just sayin'....

    Stephanie :)

  2. I'm with you on the res. list I think! Well prob not the same one - but I have 29 currently on reservation!! Including quite a few on your list. Great service isn't it!? Ours is only 60c (Caboolture area) and a friend of mine on G.Coast has free reservations. Go figure.


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