Sunday, August 8, 2010


I should be packing or cleaning or something relating to our move next week, but I'm not.

Oh don't worry, I've had spurts of motivation over the past two days and got a bit done, but now that we're down to the knitty gritty I am procrastinating, just like the latest post over at The Knitty Gritty Homestead (ha like how I did tied in that 'knitty gritty'!).

I catch myself actually seeking out things to do that have nothing to do with our move. Like washing outdoor chair cushions(!), checking out Freecycle, making ginger beer or reading books (I do admit these do have to go back to the library before we move so this is activity might just fit into the moving category).

I want to chat about the book I just started reading. It's called Successful Organic Gardening and is written by David Murray. Has anyone read this book?

Within the first 11 pages, he has already slammed the concepts of moon planting, biodynamics and permaculture! Quite aggressively too, I might add, while touting his obviously favoured concept of Integrated Pest Management. Now to be honest, I haven't tried ANY of these ideas, so have no real leaning to any one just yet. As I've written about we currently live in a unit with space for just a few container plants, but from next weekend we will be in a house with lots of room for gardening so I am educating myself on the different methods of vegetable gardening. I am very intrigued to learn about IPM as I hadn't heard of it before, but he's kind of put me off already just by the way he's attacked the other concepts.

Well, as I said I am only 11 pages in, so I can't really start judging the book by this inital reaction, but I will give a review at the end so you can decidde if you want to read it also.

I'd love to hear if anyone uses any of these different techniques in their gardening and how successful it has been for you. Also any good books that you think I should read.

Well I should get back to it, the front balcony needs a tidy before the real estate comes tomorrow to take photos to put up on the web to advertise the property.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


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