Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rain rain go away so I can MOVE HOUSE!

I love rain, I do! I love how you can get all cosy in big fluffy jumpers and under doonas and with spunky fiances! But I want to move furniture tomorrow and it's going to be very difficult with weather like this....

Webcam view from South Bank towards city

In other news, I learnt to knit last night! Well no, that's a massive overstatement. I followed instructions in a book and online to cast on and I knot 4 rows. My first 5 attempts slipped off the hook, the knitting is too tight and really difficult to seperate each strand to knit into and it's slow! (ok I'M slow). I like crocheting much more. But I'm going to perservere and at least learn how to knit properly (and purl) and at least knit a scarf or something just to say I've done it. I may grow to like it. Doubt it, but you never know.

What do you prefer? Knitting or crocheting?

Tell me your early experiences with learning to  knit.

Hope you're enjoying the rain if you're getting it!


  1. Crochet all the way!!


  2. Hey Kim, how insane was the rain last night! I think we needed it though. My grandma taught me to knit, so I've been knitting since I was little and have only just learnt to crochet. The same as the crochet stitch, all of a sudden, knitting will just 'click' and you'll realise you're off and away. I think to sum it up, crochet satisfies that quick fix need we have because things do come together faster. But knitting is worth the slow approach for a finer softer lovely result.

    Keep at it, you won't regret it - and try youtube if you haven't already, its much easier to 'get it' when you see it in 3D.



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