Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

I have been so busy productive this last week, it feels fabulous! You've probably noticed from all my posts! I know Hazel has :)

I have now been on my 'home holiday' for 2 weeks now.

In the first week it was a very different story, I barely got anything done.

You see I'm a list person. And when I started these holidays, I thought relaxing menat doing without my lists, becuase they mean work don't they, things to do. So I had all these great ideas for the things I'd like to enjoy, learn and make on my holidays, but because there were so many things I was like a deer in spotlights! I had no idea where to start and I was quite overwhelmed.

So out came the lists again.

I have a list for the christmas presents I'd like to make
I have a list for what odd-jobs need doing around the house
I have a list for what personal things I need to do, e.g. dr appt, dentist, optometrist, etc (those things you put off when you're working!)
I have a list for what things I'd like to cook/bake
I have a list for what blog posts I will write about
I have a list for day trips/places I'd like to visit
I have a list of things I want to Freecycle/declutter

That looks a little daunting doesn't it? Well there isn't a whole lot on each list and I absolutely love that feeling of crossing each line of lists. Yes I'm a little weird! This is what I am enjoying doing on my holiday, when I could be doing ANYTHING! Well that's how I work and it took me about of fluffing about to work that out.

Now that I have these lists I am on average half way through them all - see how productive I am with my lists!

Now don't worry I'm not overdoing it and not enjoying my time off. I'm just not a person that can sit around all day. I love doing things, especially things I enjoy - gardening, sewing, baking, visiting.

So now I'm off to check on the scones in the oven, see if my berries have defrosted for some jam making for gifts, quickly sew up a pillow insert for a pillow cover I made for my grandparents who I'm driving 4 hours to visit on Friday, create a tag for another gift for a friend I'm meeting for lunch tomorrow and check out campers for sale on line, all before going out for dinner tonight with some people I've worked with in my short term job these past 2 weeks.

I'm so happy!


  1. Your happiness shines through what you are writing - how wonderful to read.

  2. Thanks Dani, I'm really having a ball! It's a lovely feeling to feel at home, at home, just simply going about little activities through the day.

  3. Happy and busy sound good Kimberly, your lists are a great idea and a good way to get things done without procrastinating.

    I am glad you are still enthusiastic about your simple journey, living simply really does equal happiness and contentment.

  4. When I was working I always had lists. I even added the extra things I did to my lists...just so I could cross them off! In my retirement I have decided to forgo lists and just meander. I don't wear a watch or keep a diary (except my blog) It means I am often gardening as it is getting dark...but who cares. Mostly it is working but some days I am just not productive. But I ask myself if it matters and I usually answer 'No'. But then I have the luxury of a never ending holiday ahead of me...yours is limited and you have to make the most of it.


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