Friday, November 5, 2010


We have just received word from our real estate that the owners of house we are renting have okay'ed us having chickens!

So excited! Bring on fresh eggs, chicken pop and crazy chicken antics!

Now we need to think of a coop-type thing. I'm thinking a bird aviary with some adjustments.

What do you use?


  1. This house came with a large bird aviary and it is perfect for Brewster and the girls. Have fun researching perches and nest boxes. I have just bathed all my chooks...lice problem. I will post about it tomorrow. Have you thought about what sort of chickens you want?

  2. Oh by the way I meant chicken poop, not pop! Haha

    Thanks for the comment Hazel, glad the aviary idea does work. No haven't thought about what sort at all, any suggestions?

    My mum has quite a big flock (not sure of breed) and I would probably get a few off her. I should research what type her's are. Any good sites you know for helping to identify chooks?

  3. Newish reader here. We added chickens to our family about 5 months ago. Great time has been had by all. Can't wait to get eggs in the Spring. Good luck with your chicken endeavors.


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