Saturday, November 6, 2010

Starting to think about Christmas gifts

I try to stay away from the shopping centres as much as possible, but grocery shopping once every fortnight/3 weeks means I am witness to the onslaught of plastic christmas-themed stuff popping up already.

At least it gets me thinking early about what I can sew, bake and make for this years frugal and meaningful gifts.

At the moment I am thinking a hamper type thing as a gift for my family with:
  • homemade jams & cordials
  • a sewn gift (apron, baby things for my 7-month pregnant sister - baby shoes look very cute, other ideas appreciated!)
  • homemade crackers and dip (my partner made some fabulous crackers the other day but now we are having trouble finding the recipe, don't you hate that!?) and maybe cheese if I can get all the stuff in time
  • a seedling or plant of some sort
Another idea would be putting everything in a reuseable sewn draw string bag also, might be a bit hard with the goodies though at least it will look like a Santa sack!

I'd love to hear if you make you gifts and what you create.



  1. As you look for baby items to sew the list is endless and so much fun. I even like to make homemade diapers, matching bibs & burp clothes.

    I used fabric diapers when my children were small and we were at home. Using a liner to protect from staining. They can be hung in the sun to dry and the sun bleaches out the stain. Just used a rack that I found and put it out on the back small patio. Make sure you give the homemade gifts to those who appreciate the items they get.

    Have fun sewing. :)

  2. Well done that you are making gifts for Christmas. I am making all of my gifts again this year and I have friends and family asking me to repeat their gift from last year - Tomato Chutney and Homemade BBQ sauce were hits as well as honey popcorn and fudge.

    I picked up a set of 6 coffee mugs in different pastel shades and have painted the words - relax, coffee, quiet, tranquil, rest, dream and imagine - all over them and that gift is going to my sister in law. Cost me $5.00 but if someone gave this to me I would love them.

    I have made cushions out of satin nighties that I never ever wore and they are purple which is my nieces favorite colour.

    I have picked up a large glass cokkie jar from the thrift shop ( $2.00) and it is gorgeous and it will be filled with homemade choc chip cookies for a dear friend of mine.

    Anyway - the ideas are endless and it is great to see someone else making their gifts.



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