Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sewing school - class 1

I had my first lesson at my beginners sewing course on Monday.

We started right at the very beginning with threading the machine, filling and inserting the bobbin, selecting the correct needle size and type and removing and inserting the needle. Pretty basic, and I did know most of it.

Although I did learn that you shouldn't just use the needle that came with the sewing machine for everything! Ha

So now I am a little more aware of the different types of needs for different fabric types and also how often you should change your needle (every 4-8 hours of sewing apparently, certainly haven't been doing that in the past!). I also learnt that those little metal things in sewing kits are actually needle threaders, will come in handy when my eyesight starts to fail me!

I'm looking forward to expanding my skills a little with the next 3 lessons, particularly inserting buttons and zippers. But I am enjoying being able to ask a professional questions and getting to know the little quirks of my particular (old) machine.

I would recommend beginner sewing classes to those just starting out. Even though they may go over things you already know, you never know what little tidbits of information you will pick up from the teacher or others in your class, and also better ways of doing those things you've done a hundred times before.

Happy sewing!

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