Saturday, November 13, 2010

Op Shopping

Oh how I love op shopping. All those little treasures that must have many stories to tell, if only every item came with a little note about its journey.

I no longer buy new clothes from departments stores, yet instead opt to recycle and upcycle clothes that I find at thrift stores. Sometimes it's a struggle to find what you're after but when you do, it's like christmas all over again, and usually at a bargain price.

If people want to throw out their clothes and other goodies to replace with new stuff, I will certainly put them to good use. I'm not too proud to wear second-hand clothes. Responsible shopping I like to call it. 

Check out my latest finds!

A beautiful dainty little dress. Now lets hope my sisters baby is a girl!

And what does that little card say? "Antique dress as is 20c"

Yep that's right I only paid 20cents for this little beauty! (I'm not sure if it is acutally antique or just old!)

A beautifully-patterned day bed throw for $5, but I'm more inclined to cut up the material and use it for my sewing projects. I think this would be a beautiful material to use for my sisters nappy bag, not too gender-specific which is good because they won't know what they're having til the little thing pops out!

If you haven't already, I encourage you to head down to your local op/thrift shop and see what little treasures they might have waiting for you!

How so very frugal!




  1. Hi,

    I just found your blog and have been loving reading through the posts. I'm just starting on the path to sewing myself, as well as striving to leave a simpler life.

  2. oh i love op shopping i went yesterday and got a few little bargins ;-)


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