Thursday, November 4, 2010

My first sewing project from a pattern!

The other night I was itching to do some sewing.

After mending some clothes that had rips and tears I decided to cut out the pieces for the Betsy handbag from the Burda Style website, which you can download for free.

Before I knew it I had whipped up this little baby. Ok so I didn't actually follow the instructions. I used the pattern to cut out the fabric but the instructions were still a bit jibberish to me so I just tried to apply common sense! Well it turnd out ok

The only things that didn't work out were:
  1. I forgot about the straps and had to sew them on afterwards, still works just looks a little funky!
  2. You can see the seams on the inside. I'm pretty sure if you actually followed the instructions it shows a way where they can be hidden in the lining somehow
Oh yeah and I am still to put a fastener of some sort on it to hold it closed. I am thinking two wooden buttons with a little loop, I think that will go nicely with the fabric.

Oh well! I was still pleased as punch to finish this little baby. I will now work actually understanding the instructions and try to follow that to make some christmas presents and maybe even one for a giveaway, stay tuned!



  1. It looks fab! I love the fabric and style.

  2. Kim that is awesome! Great job! It turned out fantastic and I looove the fabric you used. Perfect for spring! Congrats on the chickens too! Sam xox


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