Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sewing classes here I come!

My lack of understanding of sewing patterns and terminology coupled with my very eager enthusiasm has me in quite a situation. I would love to sew up some unique and personal gifts for my family and friends this christmas and also start sewing clothes for myself and hubby, but at the moment just don't have the skill set.

So I have enrolled in sewing school!

Sewing Intuition are located about a 10 minute drive from my house and have classes that a) really suit my (lack of) skill level, and b) are quite affordable (yep I'm always on the lookout for frugal options!).

The course goes for four weeks with one 2 hour lesson each week and focuses on:
  • Threading the machine
  • Fill and inserting the bobbin
  • Select the correct needle size and type for your project
  • Remove and insert the needle
  • Select the correct thread tension for your project
  • Select the correct stitch length for your project
  • Use different machine stitches
  • Sew a buttonhole
  • Sew a zipper
  • Take up a skirt hem, pant hem and jeans hem
All this for $112. Bargain I say.

I do already know how to do a few of these things but I think it would be really worthwhile to have someone show me the correct way in case I am doing those things I think I can do, incorrectly.

I'm very excited to head along to my first lesson next Monday. I will let you know how I go.

Eek! Excited!


  1. That is a bargain Kim, good on you for signing up. Classes can sometimes feel a bit daunting but don't worry, you will learn some awesome sewing skills and build your confidence using your machine too. I can't wait to see what you make! I am glad you are enjoying your time off work and are getting this opportunity to explore all your passions. If I had known I would have gotten the job I had back in July prior to that I would have lapped up my time off much much more :-) Loving your blog, and you have inspired me to do a review of my pledge! Sam xoxox

  2. Thanks Sam! I love seeing all your sewing creations and hope one day I can also sew my own clothes, maybe all of them!
    It'd be great to hear where you are at with your pledges. I think that's my downfall, detting goals then forgetting about them!

  3. I so need to go do some classes too. My enthusiasm doesn't match my skill.


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